Poesy's Journal

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Typical Day at th' Hunt

21st day of Spring, 548

Me fallen with a swarm of vermine and ferals nearby.

Today I mostly wanted to share a nice sketch I took. Running away from some ferals north of Orchard I heard a call for help from Curdsonway who was trapped. Unfortunately I ran into more trouble than I could handle. Calil and Wheatstone were with me to help though. Zorak come up shortly also, unfortunately he then fell, along with Calil and Curdsonway. In the process I was raised next to monsters several times immediately falling each time (first embarassingly to a rat, then a feral) prompting Mehan, who I was spirit linked with, to think "Save yo-yo Poesy!" to the world. I was amused. Thankfully Tas chained us out of the mess and down into the orchard where we were lucky enough to meet up with Wandalyn who had us all on our feet in short order.

I was proud to notice that durring the entire ordeal Wheatstone had been quick enough to remain on his feet and able to get help for the rest of us.

Joint WoD-ELF Hunt

Skull Tree

88th day of winter, 548

Today was the joint Winds of Dawn and E'las Loth'mon Ferindril. We bravely passed through Whisher's Gate and eventually with much falling back and plain falling (especially by me) we took the Orga Camp.

Afterwards we hunted the Orga Outback which was fun too. In general I felt the area was too difficult for me to hunt in though... I had a very difficult time tagging, although I suppose I got quite good experience from the things I managed to hit. Looking back at my logs I helped vanquish quite a few Orga Berserks along with a few Furys, Rages and a Spite.

Wheatstone is inducted to WoD, and Himitsu is Squired

81st day of winter, 548

Altir exclaims, "Ah most happy ta say Wheatstone hath gotten all good votes!" "Yer welcome ta join da clan, Wheatstone!"

While waiting for Kiriel to show up for Wheatstone's induction we discused Wheatstone's needed addition to the set of clan yells. Himitsu says, "I don't think we have a clan yell that mentions fish, you could correct that grevious error Wheatstone." Still waiting for Kiriel, we stepped over to the knights hall and Altir squired his page Himitsu. It was a very solemn and beautiful occation. (except for the bit where Altir realized he'd forgotten the money for Himi's Squire Shield... ;-) I think I'm going to have to write a violiene piece about it...

Then came the moment Wheatstone had been waiting for, we headed down to the Clan Hut and he was inducted by Kiriel. And then the momement the rest of us had been waiting for came and Altir laid out a cask of his fine Stout and Kiriel set out a box of her renowned Chocolate Donuts. Altir thinks, "agin, congrats ta Wheatstone, newest membah o' da Winds o' Dawn clan!"

First Winds of Dawn meeting

60th day of Winter, 548

Today I attended my first WoD meeting, it was very exciting, and after spending some time at the bottom of the cliff hiding behind a rock I ventured out to see everyone. Farhope brought yummy muffins, and everyone was very nice to me. T'rr'll fell to a Maha on the way to the meeting, so we all got a little break and excercise. On the way back I fell to a Maha too!

As it turned out, I was very lucky to attend that day as Phiros had an Axe to give to a deserving newbie! Axe! Whee! My very own Axe! Yay! (Poesy hops up and down excitedly.)

In the membership section of the meeting I admited that I was thinking of joining, I was a little nervous and shy about it. I know that Wheatstone is going to join, and I admit that that colors my thinking a little. :-) Everyone seemed very supportive though. Wheatstone said that he will tell Altir to start the membership vote on him tonight!

After the meeting we all went for a clan hunt on Noth, which was very exciting as Wheatstone and I had never been. There was an awful lot of falling involved...

Later that night I came back out of the library for a Darshak invasion... It was very chaotic and frustrating though. I left after the Darshak had been pushed back to Ash Island Bay.