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Poesy: Vintnery and getting lost

Merdi, day 89 of Summer, 551

First off, it's been two puddle-years since I've written anything here, and don't go expecting my entry frequency to pick up, because it probably won't. I write when the mood strikes me, and I guess that hasn't been often recently. So it goes. Lot's happened though, I'm a full bard now! Yay! Mebbie some time I'll put up a library of me music, but again, I've got lot's of things to be doing in the library, me work around here isn't exactly my first priority. grin

Lost in East Forest

So on with today. I'd heard about a new vinyard by Balengil's farm and wanted to see it for myself. Unfortunately, my knowledge of East Forest is not... exactly what one would call... that is, I got lost very quickly. I was surprised to hear Orga drums, and then there were orga everywhere and flames, and well yes, I'd stumbled into Tanglewood. Running pellmell southward I managed to reach the meadow and paused to catch my breath. Short legs aren't very good for running, but neither am I any kind of match for a horde of Orga. Since I was there I got a nice new blue shirt, then started off on my way to Balengil's. Must have turned north too early again, because guess what... yep, found meself plum in the middle of Tanglewood again. Huff huff huff went running south, reached the meadow, and *bing* an Uli flower appeared! So I didna mind too much. grin An then I set out again. (Being single minded, and not too smart.) Once in east forest again I saw some sparklies I didna recognize and blithly slipped under a tree. Found meself next to a pretty pond and decided it looked like a pleasant place to admit I was completely lost and try to dig up a map. grin After finally diggin out Drablak's fine map o' Puddleby Island I pinpointed me location and figgured out how to get where I was going. Ran in to some twice blasted spriggins who stole some o' me coins! Not much I hate more than loosing money! Darn thievin devils!

And then finally! I ran smack into Gatsby's new plot o' grape vines. Must not have been very much traffic up that way because I found two nice fresh bunches of grapes just lying on the ground. Figured if Gatsby's vines are as overflowin as all that he wouldna mind me taking them. Talking to him I learned he thinks only hand picked grapes are worth anything. I think he's a fool! Well sure, my grapes may be a touch bruised, but only the ones on the bottom. I picked those off and the bunch is as good as new. Nice and tasty too. grin

I made it back to town after that without event. Sold my Uli flower to Omega, and stoped by the brewery to make a cask of lagger and met Hagafen Woodwielder, who seems to be the one collecting building materials for the new vintnery. Guess it's going to be added on to the brewery. That's ok I guess, I just hope they don't disturb the brewing barrels, they've developed such a nice aged flavor to them after being used so often. Construction dust does not improve the flavor of beer.