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Poesy: Clan Hunt and Passing the Second Circle Test

Terrdi, day 8 of Winter, 549

Rincewind shows off his Phantasmanomicon. Poesy plays in the blue flame.

Well, today at the clan meeting I think it must have been Rincewind's turn at show and tell. When I came to my senses after jumping off the cliff to the WoD meetin' place I saw him playing with a giant blue flame. He's got it trained a treat I guess 'cause it was dancin around where ever he told it to go. He even let me stand it it! It kind of tickled a little bit, but it wasn't at all hot. What a strange thing.

Rincewind shows us his tor shell.

Rincewind also showed us his purgatory pendant, what a pretty thing! And his blue tor shell he said he won at auction a while ago. I bought some auction tickets for a tor shell just the other day, but I don't suppose I'll get it.

Which reminds me! I've heard rumors on an enchanted breeze that the next set of bard auditions will be soon and not "soon"! (Poesy scratches her head) I hope that means what I think it means.... Boy I've got some work to do! I was recently thinking that I'd audition using a violene, then I switched to the bagpipes, now I think I'm back to the violene.

We kill a blood wyrm.

After the meeting we decided to hunt the Rocky Cavern so that Kiriel could practice bricking Wyrms for the 5th circle fighter test. It was a fun hunt, I don't think I've ever hunted Wyrms before... I remember a long time ago being shown the entrance to the wyrm cave, and how I thought I would never be strong enough to hunt in a place like that. Well, I guess time changes things. I think I've been exiled for wow... a Puddle-year and a half... Sure doesn't seem like it. I suppose if I spent more time out of the library I would be an even better fighter by now, but I'm not driven like some of the other exiles seem to be.

Fighter test area, Poesy fighting feral.

And then came the best part - I passed the 2nd circle fighters test! I didn't think I would, last time I tried, oh, a season ago probably, I didn't even scratch the ferals, but recently I've been noticing I can hit them, so I figured it was time to try again. And I passed! There was a tricky bit, where I wasn't hitting the ferals at all, but then my vision cleared and I was able to poke them with my rapier some more. When I struck down the first feral, I think it must have been the first feral I ever soloed, I learned something from it, and found myself able to fight more effectively. Before I killed the last feral I had the presence of mind to switch to my trusty axe... As I was on red, I suppose it might have cost me the battle, but passing the circle test with a rapier? What kind of weapon is that for a dwarf? I'd been using it to tag before and didn't think of switching it before the test. But I whipped it out for the final blow and WHACK! There went the feral and Honor congratulated me.

Steam room.

I was touched to find Kiriel and Nunul waiting for me outside the test chamber. They and half the people in the lands congratulated me, an' I was a happy dwarf. Then Kiriel and Nunul introduced me to the second circle trainers. I was surprised to see that they all already knew me. I had heard that Evus discused his pupils with most of the other trainers, but I didn't think I really rated that kind of attention. I'm ashamed to admit that I always confuse the subjects of Darkus' and Detha's training, so I'm a little surprised they were as polite towards me as they were.

After Kiriel and Nunul left me to kick pebbles around the 2nd circle room and talk to everyone, I had a massage and a steam bath. If I knew they gave out free massages in the second circle room I probably would have been concentrating on passing that test a lot harder!

Poesy: Freedom!

Sombdi, day 4 of Winter, 549

I finally got out of the library! OH it felt so GOOD!

Ahem. I admit that it was my fault, I didn't see the little tiny sticky that Joe the Librarian had stuck to my comfy couch. When I woke up one day to find meself shackled to my couch I dug around a little bit and found it crumpled up inbetween two of the cushions... It said something like "Your days are numbered dwarf! Pay me now!" But that clearly didn't do any good since I didn't see it. Ah well. After finding meself shackled I promptly packaged up me bill with payment for the next four puddle-years and had Wheatstone walk it over to the bill box in the lib. What I should have had him do was find Joe and box his ears! The scoundrel took an entire Zodiac to unchain me! I'm still workin th' blood into me foot.

Wheatstone goes cross eyed

(Poesy shakes herself all over) Anyways I had a good little romp. Nothing terribly interesting mind you, no dragons here. (Although Wheatstone tells me he fought some blood wyrms the other day! And where was I???) Wheatstone came along with me to make sure I didn't collapse to a rat in my feeble state. (No exercise for a zodiac I tell you!) Although it turned out Wheatstone was the one who fainted first, but I think it was that funny spinny fish shaped like a balloon he insisted on eating before we left the lib. I poked at him for a while, but finally I found the vial of fishoil in his pocket and that woke him up. I figured if that didn't work then I was gonna start using it to finger paint the top of his head. Whee!

We take a break

We met a nice new exile Lukee who told us he came from another world, I wasn't quite sure what to make of that, but he seemed normal enough other than that. He was a thoom! I like thooms. They're so squidgy. :-) He was workin on a rat quest so we left him be after raisin him. Too bad I didn't think to get a sketch. Rusty I tell you!


After tooling around South Forest for a very short while, (neither Wheatstone nor I has any skea, and it got pretty depressing), we headed over to east field on our way to the Undine Hut. There were quite a few undine just running around the field. Foolishly I stopped to take this sketch, of course I got distracted for several vital seconds and only came to my surroundings quickly enough to notice myself falling to the ground. Sigh.

Luckily I'd decided to try taking out some Mystic Insurance earlier in the day, and let me tell you the stuff works! :-) Shortly after I'd fallen I got a jingle from Laiy asking me if I needed any help. Wheatstone struggled for a while trying to keep things under control, trying to both run monsters and heal me with his moonstone, while I appologized for being such a dorf, but that really wasn't working. I was doubly upset, since shortly after I had fallen to the Hooded Corpse I noticed Lukee fall to a vermine, but couldn't do anything about it. Thwap! Bad Dwarf! Thwap! Sigh.

I guess Laiy must have decided that we needed help wheither we were going to admit to it or not, or Wheatstone SS that we needed help, because Falinus trecked over to East Field and got me up in a jiffy. What a nice fellow. (He said he reads my journal! Whee!)

We were going to hang around and peg the undine off one at a time, but Wheatstone, ever more perceptive than I noticed that there was an Agratis online so we trecked over to the fairgrounds to see if we could chat them up. :-) Unfortunately by the time we got over there they were gone. I did however discover Gubara, who was happy to tell me about both the most esteemed and reviled citizens in Puddleby. Apparently Census is both one of the most esteemed and reviled citizens of our little mud puddle. (Poesy scratches her head.) Yep, that seems about right.


I was about ready to head to the lib to sleep, but Taryn was looking for some company to take a new fellow, El'kar, into the Myrm Hive or somewhere else more exciting than the rat towers. I saw Falinus snoozing in town center, he didn't want to come along, but he did kindly offer mop up service if we all should fall to the fiercly munching mandibles of the Myrms.


It was a good little hunt, with most of it devoted to lectures of Puddleby etiquette, fighting technique, possible future career paths and which weapons are best for tagging. I hope we didn't overwhelm him. Wheatstone being the good Windy Thoom that he is offered our new friend a pair of pants and an Orga Eye. Slimy thing. (I wonder if Viagra eats those too?) I suppose really they're probably more squidy than slimy, just like Thooms! :-)

Which reminds me of something I've been thinking about. There was a thread in my clan's forum about giving new exiles too many things... El'kar had an Axe! I don't know if he had a sunstone... But it was about how if you give a new exile everything, then there's not really anything for them to strive for, no reason for them to get out of the lib... I'm going to have to think about where the ballance point is. It's sure fun to give them stuff though! But does it make it less fun for them?

Poesy: Drake Den and Huntin' Bears

Merdi, day 15 of Autumn, 548

Land on Fire Island Exile Tree an palm tree

Today Wheat and I and Baraboo and Viagra met to go on a hunt somewheres. Before we got out of town center though, we were invited on a trip to the Drake Den on Fire Island by Kiriel. If we'd realized right off that it was an exploration trip, not a hunting trip we probably would have declined. I like exploration normaly, but I'd come out of the library specifically in th' mood for a hunt. With good thwacky monsters I can hit at least 50% of the time preferably. But it sounded interestin.

Bein a dwarf I have an eye fer beautiful an well-made things, and an eye fer patterns. (Sure, laugh at dwarfs an beauty, I may not be much ta look at, but I kin appreciate it, an even bein young I've done a fair bit o' chasin metal an shapin stone.) So I was taken with th' sketch on th' left there of th' tree. I thought it was kinda interestin how th' exiles all aranged themselves ta mimic the shape o' the tree. Caught me notice, part o' th' patterns of all things. (Poesy scratches her head) Whell, lookin at it again, maybe it looks more like a mushroom.... Could be th' beer....

Twisty paths Wheatie asks a question

Then we set off ta th' interior o' the island. I'd never been here before, so my eyes were kept wide lookin about. Pretty soon we ducked into a cave, ah th' delicious dark. I don't quite understand how Peony doesn't like caves... she was complainin ta me about th' twisty clefts she had ta squeeze through recently in th' passes. We had ta do quite a bit o' weavin through twisty paths ta get ta th' inside o' Fire Island, but I thought it was kinda relaxin. A body could get lost in there pretty quick though. An I can see why Peony wouldna want ta be in a place like that when th' earth was shakin.

Viagra contemplates eatin a voolcon

Eventually we got out o' th' twistiness into some real caves. Mighty toasty too. It being my first time here, I was suprised by th' little Voolcon criters. They do seem pretty harmless, although they chitter an awful lot like rats. Huntin with Viagra was quite interestin, she seemed ta want to eat everything! I learned from her instruction though that rats are really pretty tasty. I suspect she eats 'em raw, but I like 'em better singed over a lava pool or fire. Bein my current lowish level I also discovered that I learn quite a bit from killin th' fire rats.

To get into th' drake den we had to traipse across a lava pool... You'd think given the number of dwarfs that we exiles would have enough engineerin talent ta build bridges over stuff like that!

Once into th' drake den, there didn't seem ta be much there. Apparently folks were wanderin around an lookin fer new paths out that they hadna found yet. Seems they had a pretty good reason, lundar could sense that there was a drake somewhere on the snell, but we couldna find a path to him anywhere. Maybe there's a long way ya got ta go around, summat like in the Myrm hives which are also pretty twisty, or maybe there's a secret crack no-ones found yet... or mebbie ya needs 5 cross-shared full mystics ta open a door in the middle o' the floor, an if ye go downs there yer instantly teleported ta dwarven paradise! Naw, prolly not.

Anyhow, folks kept runnin around and starin at th' walls... I got pretty antsy. Viagra decided she'd had enough o' starin at rocks with nothin ta chew on in sight, and left th' den ta go back into th' room o' lava pools what we'd come in by. It sounded ta me like she was havin an awful lot o' fun in there, and me sense o' adventure and curiosity over rode me sense o' prudence an I followed her in.

Burnt out fire I fall to lava

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten about the lava pool by th' entrance, and I didna make it more than 8 steps or so before I was fallen just on th' edge. Even if I'd made it one more step though, I don't expect I woulda lived much longer anyway, judgin by th' string o' firey beasts Viagra was leadin around on a string, and I wouldna had enough health ta make it across th' lava twice ta get back inside an healed.

Perhaps I shoulda regretted me rashness, but I have ta say I had more fun watchin Viagra runnin around wit all o' th' flames than I had watchin folks starin at rocks. I haven't gotten any pathfindin skills meself, so there wasn't anything ta do in there. Unfortunately Viagra ruined her play with da firey toys ta try ta rescue me, an fell herself. I suppose th' rats got their revenge by chewin on us, fer chewin on them. Heh, turnabouts fair play.

I dinna remember th' rest very well. When everyone had gotten their fill of starin at rocks they came out ta get us, and discovered even with th' five or so healers we'd brought along that Viagra an I were far past recovery. I told them I was happy ta depart, I dinna want ta break up any more starin at rocks they might want ta be doin. They insisted on chainin me along with them though, and not bein one ta argue about that I jest kinda drowsed through th' rest o' th cave as they dragged me an Viagra around, I had plety o' thinkin ta do bout other stuff. Perhaps yer thinkin that I shoulda been doin that earlier then, instead o' fallin in lava an chargin inta danger above me head, an yer probably right, but I dinna ken, an I'm not sure I'd really do different again. Hearin a battle a little ways away is an awful temptation ta a dwarf in th' mood fer thwackin stuff.

Healed in Town Santa Chicken present

Finally I awoke ta find meself bein dragged through th' ocean, and was soon in town center. I was glad, cause it seemed Santie Chicken 'ad been lookin fer me as he had discovered diggin through th' bottom o' his bag a present wid me name on it. After most everyone in town center had chipped in ta get me back on me feet (I'm sure glad ta be exiled in such a friendly place!) Santa Chicken gave me my present and I gleefully ripped it from it's wrapper ta discover a cluster o' lilaberries! What a present! I thanked him heartily, an I'm awful glad that Mobius didna keep such a kind old soul fer himself, but generously exiled him so's we can have such wonderful Bawkmas treats as he's allus comin up with. I'm not sure what to do with the lilaberry though, I'd really like ta dye somethin fer Peony, since she's allus thinkin about her cloths, but I'd like ta get her a sunstone first. Maybe I'll sell th' lilaberry, maybe I'll save up ta be able ta dye somethin with it.

Bear Hunt Fangy thing

After I was up we finally got to go on our hunt. We started out in North Forest, and got quite drunk on Herpatid poisons! That was pretty amusing, but after a while it got a little dangerous! It's quite hard to clear out a swarm of herpatids without fallin over drunk! The cats were plentiful too though, which was nice. Eventually, after we were tiered of reeling from th' herptidys we sallied off to th' bear caves. We spent a good long while in there thwacking bears an snakes an those annoying little buggers of bats. I made enough coins on that hunt that I think I kin finally afford ta get Peony a sunstone o' her own, if that suspicious guy hoppin about th' farms is still sellin em fer a reasonable price.

Thoom Council

When we were finally tierd of whacking bears, which took quite a while, we went on a brief rescue, wandered over to th' lake fer a moment, and then headed back ta town center, where we ran into a Thoom council line. Thooms are such handsome fellows! Especially Wheat. I headed of ta th' lib then, while Wheatstone an Baraboo spent some time Thooming with th' council.

Peony: Fasion and Cave Huntin

Gradi, day 13 of Autumn, 548

Hi! My name's Peony and I'm a halfling. Poesy and I are best friends AND foster sisters, so she said I could share her journal. People are allus gettin us mixed up anyhow, I bet if I hadn't said anything it would have been seasons before you noticed there were two of us sharin this journal. Maybe I'll tell you my story later, suffice to say for now, Poesy almost lost her life defending me, that's why she was exiled, 'cause th' other guy did loose his life... Ya gotta watch out fer an angry dwarf. Anywho, I followed Poesy out here 'cause there was no way I was lettin her get exiled alone! But now that I'm here, ya know... I kinda like it. All th' folks are much nicer than they were at home...

I buy a white shirt I pose in white shirt under tree

But on to my exile life! I'm not going ta tell you any old stories, but today was pretty interesting, at least for me! First off I was sick of the green shirt I had, it was just too bright and doesn't flatter my hair at all! Don't you think? Maybe if I can dye it darker green... But first I have to save up for a sun stone... pretty depressing to be without one. Anyhow, I realized that I could get a whiteish shirt in the healers temple for free! What a great deal! I'm sure I can do better, eventually, but it's better than that bright green! I think the white looks pretty nice when I stand under that tree. It's less fasionable when I'm hunting on grey rocks though.

I visit the Maha's in the zoo.

Hm. Actually first I went to visit the Maha's in the Healer Zoo. Aren't they cute? They run around and try to bite you, I'm so glad they build a nice strong wall. I'd hate to see what happened if they got out! On the one hand, I think it's mean for people to whack at them... I'm a healer, I value life of all kinds... but on the other hand, there sure seem to be a lot of them, and well, they make really nice shirts! Hmm. Ethics, Fasion. Ethics... Fasion... Life is so complicated.

Then I met Farhope and Bob the Archer in town, I think they'd just got back from rescuing Algernon, I helped get him back on his feet. Why anyone would want to hurt that cutie-pie I don't know! Don't they understand halflings are sensitive?

I asked them if they wanted to go hunting and they did! So we charged off through South Forest. On our way down wacking things we met Calil and Genmo, I healed them up and they joined us. Then we ran into Jeanne, and she joined us too! It was my first experience trying to keep five fighters healed up on my own! Pretty rough work, although nothing much hit Jeanne, and Farhope didn't need much either. I think Calil has pretty high Troillus too, but I healed him anyway... Fortunately at one point when we were looking a bit ragged, and I didn't have much left in me Murur swung by and helped me get everyone shaped up again. He said we could SS him if we ran into too much trouble too! What a nice fellow.

Outlet of Marsh to Passes PF path Fighting Wendies

Then someone said something about some passes, that I've never hear of before, and we started running south, which confused me, because the passes that I had hear of were past East Forest and kind of northish I thought. And then we were running through the marsh which I didn't understand at all. And then I followed everyone across a crossing, but I ended up in East Field! Alone! After waiting for a bit though I crossed back over, and there was Farhope looking for me. She showed me the way to cross to get to the Marsh Hermit's hut, although, last time I went, I'm pretty sure it was on the other side of the snell... The marsh is so confusing! I'm going to have to study it some more. Then she ducked under a tree next to the Marsh Hermit's house! I was very supprised! The picture on the left is where we came out, and there was everyone waiting for me! It was so embarassing, I thought I'd followed everyone across the marsh boundarie just like a duck the first time! Ah well.

Heal up Hunting party

We hunted in the very beginnings of the passes for a short while, then Bob the Archer and Genmo said they had to get back to the lib. Jeanne was kind enough to take them, and then catch up with us later. After timidly feeling our way around the entrance to the passes we met up with Schmu, Jacob, and the Pied Piper. They were planning on pushing through the passes to search for a Drake den they'd heard about, and we decided to come along.

Pied Piper about to fall to Wendies Bad scene

It was probably a mistake on my part, to come along that is, I was doing fine avoiding all of the wendies, but as I was standing next to Jeanne giving her a healup, a rock came from behind me and smashed it's way through both of us! Too bad I didn't have time to take a sketch. Unfortunately, with my non-existent bodrus and Jeanne's already weakened state, we were both too fallen for Schmu to heal. :-( We retreated north briefly but that may not have been such a good idea.

Farhope Chaining Farhope Chaining
Town Heal

Farhope was kind enough to chain Jeanne and I all the way back to town where we were quickly raised. On the way back as Farhope was chaining us, she chained me over an ore and I picked it up! I had no idea ore was so invisible or that you could pick things up when you're being chained! I gave it to her as a ride tip, but she spent 5 coins to find out it was a stone, then gave it back to me... :-S Not a very good tip.

At this point the smart thing for a first circle healer would have been to stay in town. What did I do? Followed Farhope and Jeanne back to the passes. :-)

crevice crevice

We made it back, and then began a trek through a very long set of twisty crevices. They went on and on and on and on, and there were lots of earthquakes too! An we kept gettin lost, and loosin people, when people opened paths not everyone would make it through, and people would get left behind, and oh! What a mess! I kept getting distracted, and I completely forgot that we were looking for a drake den! I thought we were just wandering around pointlessly. :-)

Calil and his potato Farhope gave us a fasion show

While we were waiting for somebody who had gotten lost Calil started cleaning his pack and I scrounged a flask and caught this cute picture of him worshiping his Bawkmas potato. I also got to watch Farhope give a fasion show! She showed off two sets of skirts and shirts, and two cloaks! Someday I hope to have a wardrobe as extensive and stylish as hers. I especially liked her rosy cloak with the yellow trim, that one's really pretty. Poesy got a lilla berry for Bawkmas, but it'll be until the universe collapses before I'd have the coins to dye anything with it, so she'll probably try to sell it to someone.

crevice crevice

Eventually we all admited that we were just going in circles and tired and finally agreed to try to find our way out. Which also took a while. :-) I probably would have been more cheerful about it if my body hadn't been telling me it was 3am. Teaches me to start on a hunt that late I guess.

Chained again

Unfortunately on the way out I think I got hit by the same darn rock I'd been hit by before, and ended the hunt being chained back to town by Farhope again. What a kind and patient halfling!

An thus ends a not so typical day in th' life of the halfling Peony. I don't write about the typical ones. Thems boring. ;-)