Rumours and stuff

This is just a few things (about music, of course) that might not be written anywhere else, so I thought I'd write 'em down.

Warning! These are all horrible spoilers. You were warned.

1. Parts
Have you ever wondered what makes a xylo? Or a gitor? Well, here's a list of what makes what. Note, I've only written down things that are CONFIRMED, i.e. common knowledge or I've seen with my own eyes. Neither the Centaur organ nor the Temple organ is currently implemented (as far as I know).
Lucky Lyra: Luck Bone
Bone Flute: Bone
Starbuck Harp: Starbuck Antlers (Hendrux calls them "Startbuck Woods")
Torjo: Torjo Shell
Xylo: Fine Wood
Gitor: Tor Shell
Reed Flute: Reeds
Conch: Silvery shell
Ocarina: Clump of Clay
Vibra: Not currently obtainable, not likely to be for some time.
Tuborn: Not currently obtainable, not likely to be for some time.
Bagpipe: Internal organs (yecch!)
Orga Drum: Broken Orga Drum. Henny fixes 'em for you, but they have a chance of breaking.
Casserole: Steel Pot
Violene: Strand of Falinea's Hair

2. The Stage (Technical)
The stage doesn't increase your range to a set 'max range', as far as I can tell. As far as I know, your range increases by a certain factor (10 or so?) when you're on stage. This might be completely wrong, but not all bards' ranges are the same on the stage. Just being in the bards' guild doubles your range, as the special acoustics of the area carry sound farther.

3. /part and /with (Technical)
If you're playing a trio, and each person has 5 /parts, it isn't going to work. /part "times out" after 30 seconds, so if it takes 35 seconds for the last person to start, you all have to stop and start over again. Be warned, THIS 30 SECONDS IS MEASURED FROM THE FIRST /PART ENTERED, NOT THE TIME THE FIRST PERSON STARTS PLAYING. This is where macros come in VERY handy.

4. The Museum
According to Muzea the museum can now accept musical exhibits. No idea how, just know what she told me. I'm assuming the masters will restrict musical museum thingies to full bards only. Or maybe they won't.

5. Tuborns and vibras?
I noticed Hendrux entering the blacksmith the other day. I couldn't hear what he said, but I wonder if he's going to learn how to make metal instruments?

Um, that's about it for now. If I hear any more amazing rumours, I'll be sure to post 'em up here.

Go back to my music.