Music in Other Formats


Chance Meeting
The Wind at Dawn
Hunt With Kiriel
Dawn of Mourning
Different Dora
Nord Island Reel (Joint project witth Dr Maltthus, "Mostly Finished")

The Slyphonics!!!

Look at that! 80+ people, all silent! Incredible!
Chain Mail Bikini Concert!
Entrance and The Jester (.mov file, 2.3 megs. Note: VERY low quality sound... just seeing if this is possible)


The Jester
Bullingbrook/PM blues
Pearl of Puddleby
Happily Forever
Jammin' with da BOIs
Shores of Destiny
Introduction Song
For T
Gone to Sea
Halfling Pie
Lady B
Valley Blues


Exploring Umbrion's Basement
How Not To Escape from Umbrion's Library
Klur Contest Presentation: Sutai and the Fenix Egg
(Watch out, to my knowledge this is 'broken' because of polyphony overflow, etc. Me and Xel will record another version)

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