Coriakin's Composing Contest: Number 5!

And the winner is.... Gluttony, for his Free Food!!!!!

Ahoy there!

Well, it's been about a year since my last contest, and the guild actually has questers again, so it looks like time for a new composing contest!

Thanks to the lovely and talented Ayella, I now own a steel pot which will soon find its way into the hands of a quester! However, it is my belief that unless you're going to compose for an instrument you shouldn't try to get it (unless you're an instrument-less quester, of course :P), so if you want this pot, you'll have to compose a song. :)

It's true that I have no way of knowing whether the pot will work or not, but even if it doesn't, you'll be one song closer to your full bard audition, when you do get an instrument! So you might as well enter. :)

The prize: Steel Pot (makes a casserole)

The Contest: Write a song for casserole, and send it to me. My email address is After an arbitrarily decided period of time, I will choose the best song I have received. The best song in my sole estimation wins its composer the pot. All submissions I receive will be posted up here as I receive them, though the composer's name will not be listed. You can only enter *one* song into this contest, although your one song can be changed, up to the finishing date. So feel free to come here and check out the competition.

Prize awarded: Saturday, July 12th.

Other rules:
- Only one song will be considered for each person. Any more songs that are sent will replace your currently submitted one.
- Include tempo, a title, and your (character's) name when submitting. Duh. :)
- Only Bard Questers can enter this contest. If you're a bard or a quester hopeful, sorry, you're out of luck.
- It doesn't matter whether you have an instrument already, or how long you've been a quester (partly because I have no way of checking). The only thing that matters in this contest is the quality of your music. Though if you already have a casserole, I'll be miffed. :)
- This song MUST be for casserole. I can't give you the right instrument if I don't have the right part. Other contests for other instruments will happen when and if I can find more parts.
- The song you contribute should be new, something composed specifically for this contest, not one that you've had around for a while. Of course, I have no way of knowing if the songs I receive are really new, so I'll give y'all the benefit of the doubt and hope that no-one takes advantage of my trust. If I find out that people are 'cheating,' I'll add more limitations so no-one can. Please don't make me do that. :/

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Free Food (Tempo 120 (I think))
By Gluttony

([%6=dfa]p4)5([=a/ce]p4)5([=fa/c]p4)5([ceg]p4)5([=egb]p4)5(([%6=dfa]p4)4[=dfa]ag1f1[=a/ce]=g4([=a/ce]=a4)4[=fa/c]c=a([=fa/c]=f4)4[ceg]gb1a1([ceg]bb)4[=egb]/dd[=egb]/ed1=b1[=egb]/ed[=egb]/c1c1d)2(([=dfa]p=b1a1)4[=dfa]ag1f1[=a/ce]=g4([=a/ce]=a4)4[=fa/c]c=a([=fa/c]=f4)4[ceg]gb1a1([ceg]gg)3[ceg]g4[=egb]/dd[=egb]/ed1=b1[=egb]/ed[=egb]/c1c1d)2 (([%6=dfa]=b1b1a1a1)4[=dfa]a1a1g1f1[=a/ce]=(g1)4([=a/ce]=(a1)4)4[=fa/c]c1c1=a1a1([=fa/c]=(f1)4)4[ceg]g1g1b1a1([ceg](b1)4)3[ceg](g1)4[=egb](/d1)4[=egb]/e1e1d1=b1[=egb]/e1e1d1d1[=egb]/c1c1d1d1)2(([%6=dfa]p=b1a1)4[=dfa]ag1f1[=a/ce]=g1e1d1c1([=a/ce]=a4)4[=fa/c]c=a([=fa/c]=f4)4[ceg]gb1a1([ceg]g4)3[ceg]c1d1e1g1[=egb]/dd[=egb]/ed1=b1[=egb]/ed[=egb]/c1c1d)2 (([%6=dfa]+af1g1)4[=dfa]+ag1f1[=a/ce]gd1c1([=a/ce]a1e1d1c1)4[=fa/c]c=a([=fa/c]=fa1g1)4[ceg]gb1a1([=ceg]+ec)4[=egb]/dd[=egb]/ed1=b1[=egb]/ed[=egb]/c1c1d)2([=dfa]p4)2[=dfa]%2c4[=dfa]c4[=dfa]/a6