00 Composing Contest

Coriakin's Big Composing Contest!

And the winners were.... Baraboo and Kasa in the solo song contest, Phineas and Cloud in the trio contest!

(ooc: I sorta mucked up this contest. Pesky real life, keeps getting in the way of Clan Lord playing!)

Ahoy there!

As you may know, I used to run composing contests for questers, with instrument parts as prizes. It has been a while since my last contest, so I think it is high time for another! But why limit it to just questers this time?

I am pleased to announce that this contest is open to all manner of bards! Questers, bards, masters, crafters... everyone!

There will be two categories for submissions: 1: solo songs, and 2: duets and trios. Each bard is allowed to submit two songs, which can be entered in either category. That is, each bard can submit one solo and one duet or trio, two solo songs, or two duets or trios.

The prizes: A set of Antlers, A Torjo shell, A Steel Pot, Another Steel Pot, A Luck Bone, Another Luck Bone, A Lump of Clay, Another Lump of Clay, A bone, Another bone, Yet Another Bone, and possibly other prizes!

The Contest: Write a song or two, and send them to me! My email address is CoriakinCL@gmail.com. After a certain amount of time, the judges will pick the best songs that have been submitted. The composer of the first-place duet or trio will have first pick of the prizes, then the composer of the first-place solo song, then second-place duet/trio, then second-place solo, etc. The submissions will not be posted here or anywhere else until the contest ends and the judges have decided. You can enter a maximum of *two* songs into this contest, although your songs can be changed, up until the date the contest ends.

When the winners have been determined, they will be required to perform their winning pieces at a concert where prizes will be awarded. If you are unable to attend the concert or do not have the appropriate instrument to play your winning song, you should arrange to have someone else perform it.

Submissions will be accepted until: Saturday, May 1st, before midnight.

The rules:
- Only two songs will be accepted from each person. If you want to submit another song, indicate which of the earlier songs it will replace
- Include tempo, a title, and your (character's) name when submitting. Duh. :)
- Your songs can be for any instrument or combination of instruments.
- The songs you contribute should be new, something composed specifically for this contest, not ones that you've had around for a while.
- Your songs can be of any length or genre, but it must be playable in-game.

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